Teide from La Palma

  • Alto: 11′
  • Ancho: 14′
  • Base: 4,3′
  • Material exterior: Lona estampada 100% algodón ecológico
  • Material forro: Lona
  • Asas: Piel de vacuno labrado (Amplias como para llevar al hombro)


Teide, the highest peak in Spain and the highest of any land rising out of the Atlantic Ocean is one of the most important natural symbols of the Canary Archipelago. Since the era of the guanches, it was considered to be a sacred mountain, inhabited by the devil. It is part of the National Park of the same name, one of the most visited in the world and classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The sight of this peak from the surrounding islands is magnificent. The view of this volcano rising up into the Canary Island skies, which are almost always tinged with colours at sunset, is spectacular.

Photographer: Saúl Santos

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