Almond blossoms in el Roque Nublo

  • High: 16 cm/ 6,3′
  • Width: 25 cm/ 8,6′
  • Base: 6,5 cm/ 2,6′
  • Outside Material: Printed canvas 100% oganic cotton
  • Pull: Cotton with zamak beads
  • Lining Material : Canvas
  • Strap eyelets: Leather
  • Zip: Aluminum


Winter ends in Gran Canaria and suddenly the almond trees bloom in the interior of the island. The white flowers of their tops seem to create a white mantle over gullies and mountainous peaks. A landscape of both, volcanic rock needles, that the erosion has been modeled in singular forms, and almond trees in flower that are seen as natural symbols for local people.    Signs of identity, such as Roque Nublo one of the highest in the world, which presides over one of the largest Caldera of the island, Tejeda.

Photographer: David Hernández Gómez

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