The bags have a 6-month guarantee from purchase that covers defects such as unstitching, discoloration or flaws in the fabric, provided that the washing instructions have been followed and the purchase receipt has been kept.


AFORTUNADAS ISLAS CANARIAS bags are made with natural materials, organic cotton twill, cotton or linen canvas and their image is printed with water-based inks in an environmentally friendly way. To prevent them from losing their color and the textile fibers from breaking with friction, we give you some instructions that you must follow so that it is always as new.

Do not wait to wash it when it is already very dirty, better do it when stains start to appear from use. It is important that you use a liquid detergent that avoids the transfer of colors or one specifically for delicate clothes. You should apply it evenly directly on the stain or spread it on the dirtiest areas. Turn the bag over, fill it with a cloth or towel without folds up to the corners, in this way you avoid rubbing the fabric, and close it with the zipper. Put it in the washing machine and choose the program for wool or delicates. Never wash it by hand. As soon as the wash is finished, immediately, turn it over, remove the lining and spread it very well stretched on a towel so that it does not wrinkle or deform. Once dry, iron it with the lining on the outside, so the fibers will be softer.

This way, your bag will be clean and ready for you to use.

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