La Geria

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Perhaps inhospitable, always poetic: Geria Natural Park offers up one of the most original landscapes one can imagine. In a sea of lava from Timanfaya volcano the country folk of Lanzarote have defied rock itself extracting water from the very heart of the fire and protecting their grapevines from the wind to produce a wine that is as peculiar as it is exquisite.

Black and green, volcano and grape. Lanzarote.

Dawn regales us with a truly magical moment where time seems to stand still in the face of such other-worldly beauty.

Photographer: Rubén Acosta

Fotógrafo: Rubén Acosta


Tech sleeve to accommodate your laptop, up to 13,3” and Macbook air / pro 13″

  • High: 24 cm / 9″
  • Width: 31 cm /12″
  • Base: 3 cm /1,2″
  • Outside Material: Printed canvas 100% oganic cotton
  • Lining Material : Foam
  • Zip: Aluminum

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