Playa de Benijo



Once you have passed through the pine and laurisilva forests in the stunning valleys of the rural park of Anaga, through which the Atlantic breeze blows up the ravine; once you have come across the bend where the path starts, you walk along and suddenly your dream comes true – you discover the beach called Playa de Benijo.

It is covered in volcanic sand and small stones and is presided over by two main rocks. The more emblematic of the two is the Roque Benijo, which gives the beach its name and then there is the Roque La Rapadura, as well as other smaller rocks which are not always visible at first sight. The beach is a wild haven whose landscape varies depending on the time of day and the tides. The scenery is always inspiring, always full of colour.


Photographer: Eduardo López


  • High: 9′
  • Width: 12′
  • Base: 3′
  • Outside Material: 100% Organic cotton
  • Lining Material : Canvas
  • Zip: Steel