Red Beach. El Verodal

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usuario: afortunadas
contraseña: SAmpedlmDH1$
The practically virgin coast of El Hierro is a great excuse for visiting this singular island, The smallest and youngest island of the Canarian Archipelago, El Hierro, is considered an active volcanic island, although its volcanoes are during most of the time asleep. The more than two hundred meters of reddish sand of El Verodal beach, at the west end of the island, accompanied by the sound of its strong waves tell us the recent history of its eruptions.

Photographer: Narai


  • High: 16 cm/ 6,3′
  • Width: 25 cm/ 8,6′
  • Base: 6,5 cm/ 2,6′
  • Outside Material: Printed canvas 100% organic cotton
  • Lining Material : Canvas
  • Strap eyelets: Leather
  • Zip: Aluminium

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