El palmeral de Arteara


Located in the ravine known as ‘Barranco de Fataga’, near the few old houses that make up the hamlet of Arteara, this lush wild palm grove of endemic plants emerges between cliffs and walls. A spectacular green oasis that grows in the most fertile area of ​​the ravine accompanies the human remains of the Gran Canaria first settlers who rest in the nearby largest and most important tumular necropolis on the island.


Photographer: Isabel Torres Quevedo


  • High: 16 cm/6,3′
  • Width: 25 cm/8,6′
  • Base: 6,5 cm/2,6′
  • Outside Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Lining Material : Canvas
  • Strap eyelets: Leather
  • Zip: Aluminium

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