Dunes of Maspalomas

Dunes of Maspalomas front minipouchDunes of Maspalomas side minipouchDunes of Maspalomas model2 minipouchDunes of Maspalomas model1 minipouch


The island of Gran Canaria ends abruptly at its southernmost point. This desert of golden sand, declared a Special Nature Reserve, gives way to the ocean and forms a beach that stretches for kilometres. Throughout the year, it receives both fortunate Canary Islanders and tourists who enjoy bathing in the Atlantic, sheltered by ridges of dunes.
At dusk, even the sky joins in the spectacle of Maspalomas, as the clouds change colour and turn golden.


  • High: 16 cm/ 6,3′
  • Width: 25 cm/ 8,6′
  • Base: 6,5 cm/ 2,6′
  • Outside Material: Printed canvas 100% organic cotton
  • Lining Material : Canvas
  • Strap Eyelets: Leather
  • Zip: Aluminium